International journal of computer networks and wireless communications (IJCNWC) is an online, open-access, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal offering scholarly articles on various issues of young children with special needs (0-8 age) and their families. The IJCNWC publishes empirical research, literature reviews, theoretical articles, and book reviews in all aspects of Early Intervention (EI)/Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE).

Studies from diverse methodologies, including experimental studies using group or single-subject designs, descriptive studies using observational or survey methodologies, case studies, and qualitative studies, are welcome. High technical quality in the design, implementation, and description, as well as importance to the field is required to be reviewed and published in the IJCNWC.

All submitted manuscripts must be original, previously unpublished or must NOT be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Starting from 2016, the IJCNWC publishes in only English.

ISSN: 2250-3501

Publication Frequency: The IJCNWC is being published twice (around June and December) a year.

ISSN: 2250-3501

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